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Who is(n't) Peter Rogers?

Enter "Peter Rogers" into Google and it will currently return about 8.5 million results. But which one is Creative Leap's Peter Rogers? Each week we'll post a different Peter Rogers until we reach the "real" one (probably never).

This Is(n't) Peter Rogers No. 6
"Peter Rogers (born in Wrexham, 2 January 1940) was a Welsh Conservative politician, currently an Independent candidate at Assembly elections, and formerly a farmer and magistrate."

The really depressing thing is finding all of these "Peter Rogers" who are so much more accomplished than myself. At least I can't say it's my name that's held me back.

Everything you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask.

After studying for one year at Memorial University in St. John's in 1986, Peter went on to attend Carleton University in Ottawa and graduated in 1991 with a Bachelor of Industrial Design. In 1997, he completed the three year Classical Animation program at Sheridan College, with the intention of integrating animation and design.

Since 1999, Peter has worked mainly on digital projects, predominately by designing and implementing user interface models for services and applications accessed through the Internet. Peter also pursues interests in illustration, film, furniture design, writing and playing ice hockey wherever a game can be found. He also has a sentimental fondness for comic books.



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